Tipping Point Marketing Seminars,
Singapore, Singapore.

Late February 2019


You have a problem..!


You know your marketing isn’t working like it should.


You’re not getting the business you deserve


and it’s costing you a fortune!



The thing you don't know, is exactly what's the problem or what's causing it, never mind how to fix it.


How to create a strategic transformation ‘from the ground up’ to METHODICALLY grow your business !


  • Before you waste any more money on fruitless advertising that isn't delivering the ROI you want.
  • Before you get bamboozled by all the internet technology out there. It's not the most important thing, despite what the Gurus and industry experts tell you.
  • Instead, learn how to hit the mark with your target audience and win those elusive ‘ideal’ clients who are  willing to pay what you’re worth and ‘rave’ about you to others.


Hi, I’m Mike Noone.

95% of businesses focus on tactics and gimmicks to get the attention of their customers. There are a few problems with that.

Problem # 1/ Every one of your competitors can and is using similar stuff in their adverts. And I can prove it. Go and Google your industry right now. Check out the back of the local rag. Look at yellow pages. All of the ads for your industry are saying the same thing.
How often do you say, I can't wait to watch the adverts..? (not often, right)

Problem # 2/ Because you look the same as your competition your customers almost always filter out who they will do business with based on PRICE.

 Problem # 3/ You and most of your competition are slugging it out in the smallest, most competitive part of the marketplace for the lowest value customers, (Ever wondered why your profits aren't what they should be?).

It's what the advertising industry taught you to do. It's how they make their money off of you.
It's not your fault. You simply got "misled"

 Problem # 4/ In our digitally connected world anyone and everyone can and does publish anytime anywhere for next to nothing. This means your customers are getting bombarded by things that they don't really want to see.

There's a part of their brain (and yours too) that is designed to filter out stuff that isn't relevant so you can focus on getting through your day. It's called the Reticular Activating System.

What this does is train their brain to ignore your content and adverts. (And your competitors ads too, so that's some good news for you.)

 Problem # 5/ Even if you are the absolute best at what you do, in your industry the odds are that you are not getting the results that you could because you were sold tactical marketing instead of long term strategic marketing designed to create a valuable market, you own exclusively!

If you want to break through all the white noise your market is tuning out, what you need is the ultimate leverage.

To have the ability to communicate and emotionally connect with your best customers.

It all starts with your message. Long term business is about relationships and relationships start with communication that informs the people you want to do business with, why you are the best choice.

The only choice.

While your competitors are messing around with apps and Facebook pages, Google ads and God alone knows what else... you should be spending time ...

A) working out what your customers really want that your industry doesn't provide..

B) working out how you can be the only business that provides it or does it better than everyone else.


C) communicating that in the most effective manner to your very best prospects, leads and customers.

This is not easy. I am not going to make you some promise that there's an easy button you can push, because I'd be misleading you.

There are already enough people in the marketing industry doing that.

We are in business to change the reputation of our industry by delivering results that you want, in a way that you can actually see and measure them.

If you've been in business for any length of time you know it's the time and investments you make that grow your assets.

Anyone who says to you "You just need a bit more exposure" is telling you that the campaign they did for you doesn't work.

Odds are you never studied marketing and even if you did, what you learned is almost certainly wrong.

Yet you are expected to sign on with agencies to create marketing for your company without knowing enough to tell if what they are doing stands a chance of success.

That's where we come in. Our mission is to empower business owners to create the most important part of any marketing campaign.

The message. The words and symbols you use to communicate. The words that make your customers pay attention to what you have to say.

All without any false promises, flim-flam or gimmicks. Without giving away the farm or over promising, just to get the sale.

To do business on your terms with the people you want to do business with.

The purpose of marketing is to make selling superfluous. Peter Drucker

The purpose of marketing is to create desire for your products and services so people come ready to buy from you, at a higher price point because you are better.

Ever notice how the sales team in an Apple store doesn't have to hard sell you. You've already decide to buy before you walk in the door.

Apple has a system for selling you iPads and phones. And it works. It's how they got to be the most valuable company on the planet.

But it goes way beyond their marketing. Apple created an environment that sets them apart from everyone else. Now you don't have to go that far but you can execute some of the smart things they and other serious players are doing, who want to be the best at what they do.

Is that you ?

I went into business because I saw so many wonderful ideas and businesses go to the wall because they hadn't sorted out basic stuff and because they were getting really BAD advice on how to fix those things.

I spent over a decade educating myself at my own cost on identifying then solving these problems.

  • Right now you can learn cutting edge know-how from the exclusive Power Marketing Program™ which is being leveraged all over the world to rapidly grow businesses to number 1 in any industry!Additionally we have added even more things into this program so that you can
  • Easily understand the real issues that are causing your glass ceiling
  • Craft a series of innovations that set you apart in just such a way that you migrate from a very crowded red ocean to a blue ocean where you are the whale that's getting all of the best krill.
  • Learn how to take your innovations and convert them into communication that is not hypey, hard sell or making you lose your honour and integrity.
  • You will build systems to talk to All of the people who will do business with your industry BEFORE they decide to buy and position your company as the best choice.
  • I am including a 7 step customer profiling tool that will enable you to connect emotionally and genuinely with your prospects and clients.

Get the jump in your industry by partaking in our ‘2 + 8’ pilot programme in Asia at a never-to-be-repeated price because we’re looking for local case studies and hot testimonials of business transformation – which could be yours.

We’re limiting the event to just 15 businesses from all around Asia Pacific

– so we can give you the personal attention you deserve.

Only one business from any industry will be accepted.

Why share your strategic advantage with every man or woman and their canine

This message is going out to over 28,000 businesses right across Asia and being advertised in Inter-National media channels.

We’ll never repeat this offer and probably won't run another event like it in Asia this year. If we do it will be at a substantially higher price point and you may have lost the 'first mover' advantage for your industry.

Unlike most training programmes that fail after the event, we are  giving you the dedicated mentoring and follow-up you need to be successful

We are fixing that issue because we want you to get the results you came for, and more. I know how this works because I wrote the best seller “Speed Learning Secrets of NLP." I am a trained and certified coach and a trainer in accelerated learning with over a decade of experience.

In a previous life I was a partner in a psychotherapy practice which means you shouldn't have any problems breaking out of where ever you are now. I show people how to be the best they can be and help them implement it.

The programme consists of a 2 day live, ‘breakthrough strategy, workshop style seminar followed by 8 interactive online ‘transformational implementation’ webinars… plus daily access to me in our private Facebook group during the 8 week follow up to ensure you get powerful and effective results.

You’ll be able to build a new strategic foundation to transform all your marketing:

  • Discover your hidden potential and biggest ‘leverage points’, then create innovations for your business on the spot – taking your ‘USP/s’ to another level
  • Find out how to reach your prospects by authentically winning hearts and minds – with no hard sell, hype, or slippery tactics in sight!
  • Learn how to blaze into your marketplace confident that your campaigns will deliver you the money and kudos you deserve


Practical workshop style, teaching will bring you measurable breakthrough results: Such as...

  • Create ads that get 4 to 10 times more response than you are currently suffering – multiplying your ROI because they are actually relevant to what is going on in your customers head.
  • Get insight on the buying psychology of your website visitors – so you can give them the right information at the right stage to optimise conversion
  • Learn how to script 4 types of powerful videos on your website – and avoid getting it wrong like most people do so you can create maximum goodwill with your market.
  • Discover 24 Headline categories you can use to woo customers.
  • Create 'Lead Magnets' that attract prospects into your sales system and educate them on why you are the only choice for your industry.
  • Write magnetic attention-grabbing headlines – with access to 150 of the greatest money-making headlines ever written – so your prospects actually read your adverts and pick up the phone or email. The best copy writers on the planet all have a swipe file of ads that work. You'll learn how to re-purpose the winners from the past.
  • Discover 12 proven innovation formulas to create powerful USPs – and leverage this by compounding them on top of one another. When you stack your USPs the effect is to make you extremely powerful. (You'll learn the codicil you must have when executing this strategy)
  • Find out how to test every aspect of your sales and marketing before you spend a cent on advertising and then how to run a low cost campaign before rolling out your big launch.
  • Learn how to use automation systems to multiply your results exponentially – freeing-up your time to do what you really want to do, so you can offer consistent communication.
  • Get instant advice and feedback from a ‘live’ Power Marketing consultant – right there with you to ensure you get it nailed and stay on track
  • Devise the winning strategy for your website that facilitates visitors buying decisions. Nothing to do with SEO, graphics, banners, Google page 1 ranking, pay per click, pop ups or any of the stuff your web designer tells you is important. This is about STRATEGY.
  • Discover how to think like a power marketing consultant. It's not just about 'think different'. It's also "Think Powerful..!!"


The ‘2 + 8’ package is a complete system with all the tools, resources, know-how, and ‘hand-holding’ you need – for a one-off special of just $1,500

(normally US$ 6,750... and without the follow-up webinars). <<<<<- Check out the price here

You’ll also receive the exclusive Marketing Development Kit (valued at over $5,000) only available at the 2-day seminar.

Plus I’ll give you access to our secret, internal process documents that guide you step by step through how to ‘move the dials’ in your business.


Here’s some feedback from one of our NZ ‘beta’ clients…

“Mikes professional stance along with his years of knowledge, know-how and hands on expertise has turned the tides… I have chosen to take the world on, not from the bottom up… but from the top, at the top!!... it has also shown me the great value that I have to offer… to reach these types of people offers me eternal satisfaction that I am making a true difference in people’s lives and in the world as a whole… thanks Mike for helping me become my own game changer!”

David de Warenne

Check out more video testimonials by a few other NZ ‘beta’ clients and a small sample of 21 U.S. trainees who went through a scaled down version of what you are learning


The Power Marketing Network™ is the worlds’ largest and most successful network of independent marketing agencies – blowing the lid off all the ‘BS’ and making your marketing work. We turn away 95% of businesses because we’re only interested in clients with high genuine value and potential to win big.


Life is short and time is precious… so make an impact on the lives of your clients, create a better world, and reap the rewards to get the life you dream of.


Click here now to win your industry and ‘explode’ your business – for just $2,500


We are offering a 100% money back guarantee right up until the end of the first day (minus overheads like catering $99). Just hand in your workbook with any bonuses, and you’ll get a no-qualms, no-hassle, refund.

It’s a no-brainer…

If you’re at all unsure about ‘taking the plunge’, and you’re the sort of client we’re looking for (excellent product or service with potential, genuine care for your clients, and commitment to take your business to the next level), feel free to call me on 022 653 9410 so we can get to know each other a bit. It is not a sales call. It's simply to see if we can actually help you.

If, and only if you are the right fit, will we accept you for the next stage of our 3 part application process.

It's designed so you are not spending your precious time with tyre kickers and time wasters.

We are deliberately and strategically very choosy about who we will work with. This is so powerful we are vetting every candidate.

Click here now to apply for  your place

To your outrageous success...

Mike Noone

022 653 9410

When you apply for your place I am also giving you access to our breakthrough audio training program, 'Total Dominance, How to become the #1 business in your industry locally in around 12 months'. It’s valued at $499.00. This is the price Power Marketing set if you buy it from my website.

It’s 2 and a ½ hours of transformational training and case studies you can model that will shatter your current beliefs about what marketing is. It enables you to get a deep understanding of what’s needed to get your marketing and your business properly on track. You get it just for applying.

PS: This message is going out to 1000's of  businesses right across Asia and being advertised in International media channels. Remember there are only 15 places and I doubt if I will ever repeat this training again at this price.

“Psychology, systems, and technology working together to transform your business and life


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