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About marketing seminars

About marketing seminars. Marketing seminars is the educational division of Tipping Point Marketing. We are part of the worlds largest and most successful network of marketing agencies. Our advanced methods have been used in over 350 industries and 11 countries. They have enabled our clients to rise to a position of complete leadership in their industry, in about 12 months. You can learn more HERE about marketing seminars by downloading and listening to our audio training program. It has many case studies and examples that highlight the differences in our methods.

Our mission is to set the standards for every aspect of marketing and business growth, along with our trusted network of collaborators and service providers. We do this so that you, your business, your family, employees and teams all benefit in a way that contributes to and improves where you live.

We believe that any business can rise to a place of leadership in their industry when they apply our methods and thinking. Because what we do is so effective, we can only work with one business in any industry in your local area. This is because our proprietary systems and processes set your business apart. There can never be two winners in any true contest for leadership.

We provide consulting and training in marketing, communication skills, conflict resolution and win win thinking as well as personal growth to eliminate the elements that hinder your progress towards your goals. We can provide you with all types of marketing materials such as printed or digital matter.

But that’s not what’s important. What’s important is that we set your business aside from your competitors, by creating innovations (Unique selling Propositions ) and basing your messages on that uniqueness. Nobody else does this and we are unique in our way of doing things.

We will operate across Australasia and Asia by the end of 2017 through our network of coaches, consultants, copywriters, web strategists, implementation, audio and video specialists.

We believe that it is business and free enterprise that solve the problems we face as a planet. We believe that by creating superior marketing, systems and efficiencies in your business you are better placed to contribute to your family and loved ones as well as the lives of your employees, teams and your community.

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