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New Zealand Testimonials for our 4 hour seminar

More Testimonials from Previous Tipping Point Live Seminars:

  • “The seminar was amazing. It was easily worth twice what you normally charge for it.” – Brett
  • ‘Mike is amazing…He has helped me see things within my own coaching / training business in a totally new way” – David De Warrene-www.daviddewarenne.com
  • “I keep seeing all the ads that he says don’t work and I can’t stop laughing” – Jenn, Perth Hypnotherapy, Perth WA
  • “I can’t believe you gave the seminar away for this price!” – Trey
  • “Mike really knows his topic and conveys it easily” – Nelson Chamberlain, Wise Guys, New Zealand
  • “That was hands down the best marketing seminar I’ve ever been to, and I’ve studied a lot about this stuff.” – Chris
  • “Stand out by stepping into your customers shoes. The best advice is not free” – Jamie
  • “I learned more from this seminar than anything I’ve ever heard in my life.” – Chad
  • “We really learned a lot from the seminar.” – Seth
  • “Everything you said made sense and I can’t wait to implement it.” – George
  • “That was amazing stuff. I’m so thankful I came.” – David

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