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We offer two types of marketing seminars.

The two day event is where you will 
  • Create innovations for your business on the spot.
  • Write dozens of attention grabbing headlines for your business.
  • Create advertisements that get 4x to 10x more response than you are currently getting.
  • Get instant live feedback from a Power Marketing Programme, trained marketer.
  • Receive the exclusive Marketing Development Kit (valued at $5,000) which is only available at the 2 Day Training seminar.
At our four hour event you will
  • Learn a specific 10-point marketing program that will virtually guarantee your market dominance!
  • Learn 4 innovation techniques to differentiate your business in the market
  • You Will Innovate Your Business On The Spot
  • Learn how to write Ads That Get Up To 10 Times More Response
  • You’ll learn 3 powerful methods for writing effective headlines
  • Learn 5 powerful internet strategies for increasing LOCAL sales right now!

Two Day Training Event

Four Hour Live Seminar

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Audio Training Program

Guaranteeing Your Satisfaction

We want you to be satisfied and richly rewarded for every investment you make with us. If, at any time before the end of the seminar, you find yourself irreconcilably unhappy with the training you have enrolled in, you may withdraw from that training. In such a case, your money will be refunded if you request it. Simply let the trainer or an assistant know, hand in your workbooks and any bonuses and we will refund your investment.

Please be aware that once you have been refunded we are in no way confined to only teaching you about our methods. We are then free to work with anyone in your industry.