To apply to register for one of our live seminars please complete the form below.

The Power Marketing Program is so effective, we only allow one business from any industry locally in the room.  This is how your new strategies are kept confidential. We use this application method to ensure we only work with the right people with the right attitude. We will be in touch by email within 48 hours to let you know if you have been successful.

Once your application is approved we will invoice you. Payment must be received in full prior to commencement of the seminar.  We prefer that payment is completed 7 days prior to the event so that if you should decide not to proceed we can offer your place to your competitor.

Here’s a quick reminder of what you’re going to learn and achieve…

  • You’ll discover the 3 types of phrases that make your adverts dull and unappealing and you’ll learn how to eliminate them. We’re so confident that you already have these phrases in your ads that if you can pass our 3 tests I’ll give you $100.00 cash on the spot.
  • We’ll analyse your existing advertising and show you how to change it so they get a better response.  You’ll learn how to write headlines that get from 4-10 times more response. Headlines are the advert for your ad and what gets people to read the rest of your information.
  • You’ll learn the 5 biggest marketing mistakes that 95% of businesses are making and how to overcome them.
  • You’re going to innovate your business, right there in the room with 12 of our innovation formulas. This is how you create a real Unique Selling Proposition.
  • You’ll get access to a proven follow up sequence that boosted sales and enquiries, in a strange industry. We’ll teach you how to model this so you can get better results from your follow up.
  • You’re going to discover comprehensive marketing synergy which will lead to a loyal following of fans for your business. This is based on the marketing principles Apple used to become the worlds most valuable company.
  • You will learn how to apply strategy to your web design. This has nothing to do with SEO, colours, images or fonts or any of that junk. Strategy is thinking about the process customers and prospects go through, before they buy from you. It’s about facilitating their buying decisions without being pushy or sleazy!!
  • Script effective videos that get prospects and customers to take the action you want them to. There are 4 types of video you need for an effective web site.
  • Get never before revealed internal cheat sheets from our company you can use to destroy your competition.

Because of the effectiveness of our systems, we will only work with one company in any industry locally, so it’s either you or your competitor. Who ever gets to us first.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Tipping Point Marketing Live seminar. We are the only people in New Zealand, trained in and licensed to use the Power marketing System.

Remember, we will only allow one business from each industry locally to attend. Don’t let your competitor beat you to it. Fill in the application right now while it’s fresh in your mind.

Mike and the Tipping Point Team.