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What you’ll learn at our 4 hour seminars

Our seminars are for Business Owners and C Level Executives. You will learn the marketing secrets that none of your competitors know about.

  • Innovate your business right there in the room. This is the best way to create a powerful USP so you can stand out in a very crowded marketplace.
  • You will learn how to analyse your existing marketing materials and give yourself a score out of 10. It’s how you fine tune your message so it is at it’s most effective. This will also identify the opportunities that are available to you.
  • Learn how to write headlines that get 4-10 times more response. You’ll get 3 methods for writing headlines and access to our vault of proven headlines.
  • You will remove the forbidden phrases from your marketing that are making your existing messages dull and which guarantee you look exactly the same as your competitor. This is why businesses are forced to compete on price instead of the value they deliver. I can virtually guarantee that these phrases are in your content already.
  • Learn the 5 marketing mistakes that businesses are making and how to overcome them.
  • You will learn how to completely dominate your market by being the best choice for your customers and effectively communicating that to them.
  • We’re going to share many of the secrets of our proprietary Power Marketing Program that has been successfully used to help companies significantly increase the response they get from their marketing efforts, to the place where many businesses become the #1 business in their industry in about a year.
  • You will learn about what we call Comprehensive Marketing Synergy which is based on the marketing success of Apple Inc. I’ll teach you how to use this strategy so you develop a loyal following just like Apple has done.
  • Ultimately you’ll learn how to have your customers and prospects say. “I’d have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you. Regardless of price.”
  • Get your 47 page workbook so you can take away what you learn and apply it in your business.
  • CLAIM your bonus discovery process consultation. A $500 value. This is what every member of our international network uses to determine the leverage points for our clients. You will get a written report on our recommendations for growing your business and increasing your revenues.
  • Learn about our strategic internet methods. It has nothing to do with design, colours, look and feel, fonts, SEO, PPC or any of that stuff. It’s about the strategy behind how your customers make decisions. It’s about communicating in a way that your customers relate to so you can build trust and authority.

Normally this seminar is $399.00 but as you have heard this seminar is just $99 to cover the costs of the venue and workbooks. That’s a $300 saving.

What we do is so effective that we can only allow one company from each industry locally to attend the seminar. So it’s either you or your competitor. Who ever gets to us first, so check out the locations below and pick the one nearest to you then apply to reserve your place. We will confirm within 48 hours if you’ve been successful.

This is where you will find a list of the marketing seminars we are planning for 2019-2020. Simply click on the link and you will be taken to the page for that location. The locations are in alphabetical order, for ease of use.




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