Basic Stuff You Need to Know Before You can Succeed





About marketing seminars

These insights are split over 3 pages so that you can learn the different aspects of creating a marketing campaign that works.

This is the first page. This page is about the mistakes I guarantee you are making now, what you believe and why it forces you to compete on price. You need to watch all of these short videos so you understand what’s actually happening when you run an advert or campaign.

The following two pages look at what makes your customers buy and more importantly how to get them to buy from you. So once you have watched these videos, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link to the next phase.

This is where you will learn marketing secrets that make the difference between success and happiness or misery and despair.

I know you’ve heard that before, so the only way you’ll know WHY your marketing isn’t delivering the results you want is to watch the videos below. Because I know you are busy, I’ve kept them short. Don’t fall into the mind trap of thinking this is the same as everything else you’ve been taught.  You may have to suspend your beliefs for a few minutes.

There’s a ton of important stuff here, you need to know.

And just knowing, isn’t enough. The only way to get your marketing to deliver those results you want, is by taking action.

RESIST the temptation to jump ahead to the next page. It will be counterproductive.
This training is designed to work the way that people learn best.

I am a trainer in accelerated learning as well as the #1 best selling author of a book on the subject.
So start with video 1 and watch them all, in the order they are presented. Take notes and then take action on what you learn.


OK. Now we’ve identified the mistakes it would be sensible to fix them. Right? That’s what the next section is about. You’re going to learn why people decide things like whether to buy from you or your competitor.

Click this link only after you have watched every video on this page

If you’ve skipped one please go back and watch it now….