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Here’s what it’s all about

What you will learn

If you want to discover why your adverts don’t get the attention of your market and you want to fix that so you can get a better response..

If you want to innovate your business in every way possible, so you can shine like a beacon as being the best and utterly unique solution to your prospects problems.

If you want to stand out from all the white noise that your customers brain is protecting them from, so you can communicate your value and why you are the best choice.

If you want to create messages in the sequence that your listeners need to hear it in so it’s easy to digest for them, so you can connect with them emotionally.

If you want to really understand who your customers are, so you can create a genuine long term business relationship with them that is based on win-win.

If you want to charge more for your products and services, so you can invest more in growing your business and your quality of life.

If you want to create a reliable predictable system for bringing in the revenue, so you can finally sleep without worrying about making payroll and taking care of all the other financial commitments you have, as a business owner.

This may be for you.

Why this is important

Your prospects and customers are bombarded by 1,000s of adverts every day. Their brain (and yours too) is not designed for that much input. It filters out all of the white noise because it has to do so to keep the person sane.

Everyone and every one can and does publish for FREE to an audience of millions, but because what they publish is not relevant and important right now to the person seeing the content, their brain blocks it. And it trains their brain to treat all adverts, content and media as being irrelevant. A sales pitch. Another fake promise that won’t be kept.

Their advertising is making it harder for you to connect with people who may actually want your product or service. It’s really not your fault they are blocking you. It’s simply mental self preservation.

What you need to do is to really get to know your Best customers from the perspective of understanding them so well, that they feel like you know them like a friend would. And for this to work, you actually have to Genuinely give a damn about them.

If you try and fake it, they will suss you out. This is why we interview every candidate for our seminars.

We will only teach these powerful methods to people with integrity. If that’s not you do not apply. No hard feelings. It’s just one of our policies that keeps the vibe in the room at a high level.

Anyone and every one can now publish for free

This is a bit of an expansion on some of the things from the last tab.

Every business owner on the planet can now publish on powerful platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and other media platforms FOR FREE. And here’s the thing. They do.

This means that you, your customers and everyone else and their uncle are bombarded endlessly, by a load of “content” they don’t want to watch but are forced to see, anyway.

Their brain and yours is incapable of focusing on more than seven things at once. Your brain has a mechanism called the reticular activating system and it’s main purpose is to filter the things you pay attention to.

And it’s overloaded. It is my belief that Social media and “connectedness” is one of the major causes of ADD and ADHD disorders.

To get your advertisement or content read or watched you have to focus on the viewer and make it important and relevant to them right now.

They are not interested in your marketing until they know what you can do for them and why you are better than every other choice they have.

(And in today’s global marketplace they have LOTS of choice) You will learn how to create messages that capture the heart and minds of your best customers.

Not just their attention for 2 seconds before they move on to the next cat video.  

You are almost certainly fighting for the same customers in the same bloody red ocean as all your competitors.

You are almost certainly targeting the same customers as your competition, in the same corner of a small red ocean. It’s about 5% of the buyers timeline.

You are almost certainly doing all you can to convince them to buy from you, Right NOW. And that makes sense!

But your competition is doing the same. With similar offers, and discounts and add ons.

That’s why business is hard. You are trying to out discount each other instead of stepping back and considering how you can do things different and better.

You are both ignoring the other 95% of the timeline which consists of people who will probably buy whatever you sell in the next 12 months.

The difference is you know about it now.

I want you to imagine what that could mean to your business to have the undivided attention of that bigger market because you are the only player in that part of the market.

Now THAT is a Blue Ocean.

Modern marketing has reduced you to a commodity

Modern marketing has reduced you to being a commodity, bought and sold on price. It has to do with the how marketing developed after TV was introduced to the USA after world war 2.

Other agencies will tell you you need a blog, a YouTube channel, a Facebook or Instagram account, radio ads or a TV spot.

These are all just tactics and yes they are an important part of the mix and yes you need them.

But not until after you have worked out how to strategically enter your marketplace with the view to being the biggest whale in that Blue Ocean you read about in the tab above this one.

There is no point in competing on the same things as everyone else. That’s really hard !!

You need to rewrite the rules of how people do business in your industry so the odds are stacked in your favour. Because if you don’t you are going to carry on struggling.

Most adverts get filtered out by your prospects brain. This is why most ad agencies tell you you just need a bit more exposure. And that’s because their ads are getting ignored. And they suggest you do it by compounding the ADD, ADHD disorders that their marketing has already created. (DUH…!)

But hey, They make between 15-40% mark up on your ad spend. Regardless of the results it gets you.

You have to have GENUINE top of mind presence, with your customers and prospects.

Is it not better to stand out because your message is precisely tuned to what your market wants to learn when buying your products and services? Tell them clearly and succinctly why you are better, without resorting to platitudes and lame slogans.

This is yet another Blue Ocean that is pretty much uninhabited by your competitors.

Are you ready to do the work to claim it?

And can you imagine the difference it will make to your life, your family’s life, your teams life and your customers life? And what will it mean when your customers return again and again and recommend you to their friends etc?

Nobody follows up anymore

Because most businesses are so bad at communicating they bang on and on with the same message.

Buy my stuff. My stuff is on sale. Sale ends Sunday. Buy my other stuff. My other stuff is on sale. it’s a bargain. Dirt cheap. Sale ends Sunday…

What if you were willing to invest time in educating your customers and prospects on the criteria they must consider when buying products or services from your industry.

And what if you did that from the perspective that this is for THEIR benefit. So they get the best possible result or outcome for THEM. Regardless of whether they buy from you or not.

How much goodwill would that create with them. And how likely are they to do business with YOU when they do decide to buy. Or recommend you as the go to gal or guy?

And now imagine what can happen when you position your business, your products, your services and customer service, guarantees etc as being the ONLY business in your industry that exactly fits the criteria you suggest.

Blue Ocean anyone?

Your competition is lazy

Your competitors are making some assumptions that will cost them dearly. They are lazy and they assume…

  • We will always retain our current customer base because they are loyal
  • The market will always be the same.
  • We don’t need to compete
  • Our marketing is working well
  • We have no real competition

Smart business owners are always looking for the edge. The innovation that tilts the tables in their favour. The competitive advantage that puts them ahead.

And smart business owners make that a constant function within their company that is always going. Never ending…

Never assume that things won’t change. Because they always do. People are always dreaming up new ways of doing things more effectively.

The taxi industry found out the hard way with the advent of UBER and Grab.

AirBnB made a big dent in the hotel industry.

What are you doing to disrupt your industry?

Or will you be the one that is disrupted?

Why you should seriously consider attending the seminar

You should only consider attending this seminar if you want to transform your business so you can help more people, get more business and offer a visibly superior level of products and services.

You will… Discover what is holding you back from growing your business and helping even more of the people you like working with. learn the basics of creating a unique framework that will put your business in a class of it’s own.

Marketing when done properly offers you a better return on investment than stocks or bonds, CDs, ETFs or any other investment class. It does so in a matter of days or weeks instead of years or decades. It future proofs your business and your income, making it predictable and reliable.

Who it’s for…

  • If you have a product or service that genuinely helps customers to make positive changes in their life and you want to help more people.

    (if you are doing get rich quick or do nothing get paid stuff or Biz opp please do not apply because you won’t be allowed in the room)

  • You have an average transaction value of around $1,000 or more OR you have the potential to do so.

    ( This is so we can ensure you get an ROI as soon as possible. We want you to think of us as an investment, not an expense)

  • You should have a long term view of business, In our experience those with the long term perspective are more likely to benefit from what we teach This is not a quick fix, easy button solution.


  • You should be prepared to suspend disbelief for the duration of the seminar and ask questions. The only dumb question is the one you didn’t ask. Nothing is off limits !!
  • Accept that results may take some time because you are almost certainly going to make some serious changes.
Here's what I want you to do

Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you so we can set up a quick 10-15 minute call. This is a free service and it is not a sales call.

This is to establish if we can actually help you and if we can’t, we will suggest other services that may be able to. We receive no payment from any service we recommend.

If we can assist you we will set up a second call that is around 30 minutes in duration, where we will look at what you are doing now and identify opportunities for you. This call is also at no cost to you.

If you qualify we will offer you a place on one of our seminars  You are still under no obligation to do anything.

if you decide that we are a solution for your problems we will then sign you up.Remember, You are protected by our guarantee.

I will get my PA Robee to contact you and make arrangements for your payment.

You will receive your access details and the pre-seminar home tasks that will enable you to start with a clear understanding of your customers. This is our ideal client identifier system.

We will send you our 9 part customer identification package so you can clearly identify the best place to begin working on your business. This is important because only when you know who your best clients are can you communicate with them effectively.

No more time wasters, tyre kickers and freebie seekers that suck the energy and profits from you and your business,

Here's why it's a safe decision for you to make

This is a safe decision for you because you will be receiving the best marketing and business innovation training around. You are being taught by a Certified trainer in accelerated learning and communication skills who has spent almost 2 decades learning testing, applying and teaching these proven methods.

Your trainer is a certified and trained member of the Power Marketing Consultants Network. The worlds largest and most effective network of independent marketing agencies. What we do has been tested and proven in over 350 industries in 11 countries in the Americas and Europe.

This is a workshop and you will complete the tasks in the room. This means you will leave with the hard yards already done. You will also receive complimentary post seminar support in 8 follow up, group calls to ensure you get the results you want and came for. We will email you tasks to complete along with video training on Monday and there will be a group call on Thursday where you can ask anything about the module you are working on that week.

The calls will go on until everyone is confident they know how and can easily complete the tasks for that week.

If you continue to do what the crowd does you will continue to get what they get. You need to be different and if nothing else you will leave with a better understanding of marketing than 99% of the people on the planet.

And you are of course covered by our guarantee.

How to apply

Complete the form at the bottom of this page. A member of our team will get in touch with you to arrange the best time for you to have your discovery call. On your call we will uncover the things that are holding you back and devise ways for you to overcome them and create new leverage in your business. There is no charge for this. It’s simply our way of finding out if we can help you and if we are a good fit for you. It is not a sales call.

What is Your Investment?

The 4 hour Seminar normally retails for US$999.00

Because we are launching into Asia, for a limited time we are offering the seminar for just Sg$499.00.  We will be restoring the event to it’s correct price at some point.

We reserve the right to change this at any time without notice. My Accountant Harvind says I am crazy.

I say I want to minimise and perceived risk to you and you have our guarantee regardless.

What will you get?

You will get 8 hours of transformational marketing insights and the steps and worksheets to achieve them. You will receive our 47 page workbook and you can also get a copy of the slides.

You get 8 weeks of follow up online coaching that will support you in executing your new strategy. 

You will receive refreshments during the event and morning tea.

And you get me. One of the worlds top marketers with insights and experience from over 17 years of testing, learning and achieving great things for clients and trainees. I am the guy they sneak in the back door when there’s a problem they can’t solve.

And you also get our 5 part video training where I walk you through The 3 forbidden phrases, The Super Skill of Marketing,   The Strategy of Web Design, Hot Buttons and Innovation and finally, Execution in the Real World. You will get the exact same worksheets that are used internally in every agency in the network   (a US$999.00 value)

Plus you’ll get our 2 1/2 hour audio training, which comes with 10 case studies you can learn from so you can transform your marketing. ( a US$199.00 value).

The bonuses alone make your investment pay for itself when you apply them.


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