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Here is where you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about marketing as well as the questions that you should be asking.

Take the time to read these short snippets. They will save you heartache and disappointment. Simply click on the questions below and the answer will open for you.

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Will the Power Marketing Program™ work for my business?

The Power Marketing Program™ will work for any business in any industry because it's based on human nature. Unlike other "marketing" programs we focus on the message before we do anything else. We use the strategic messaging formula that has been trialed and proven in over 350 industries in 11 countries worldwide. We focus on creating the strategy so you can go out and lead your industry in your local market. The strategy uses comprehensive marketing synergy to accomplish your advertising goals effectively.

Because of how we think, we know that what we do works in any industry. We tackle growing your business from a strategic angle before we work on the step by step tactics. You can check out our audio program if you want to know more. You can call us for a free strategy session as long as we're not already working with a business in competition with you, and we have a slot that's free...

How is the Power Marketing seminar different from other marketing seminars?

How is the Power Marketing seminar different from other marketing seminars?

It's a lot more focused on marketing principles, not techniques. If you're looking for a quick fix to your marketing, the Power Marketing Program is not a good solution.  However, If you want to really understand why people buy, how decisions are made, how to innovate your company, and how to craft marketing messages that will motivate people to take action, then attendance is mandatory.

What will I get from your seminar ? Is it anything new?

We have 3 main educational tools that we use. The audio training on CDs, the 4 hour and the two day seminar. It's important that you know the difference. 

So, what’s the difference between the audio CDs and the seminar?

The audio CDs will teach you the philosophy behind the Power Marketing Program. After listening to the CDs you will learn WHY we do marketing the way that we do it. The LIVE seminar will teach you the methodology behind implementing the Power Marketing Program.  For example, in the seminar you will innovate your business on the spot, write new headlines for advertisements that will get 15 to 100  times better response than you currently get and receive on-the-spot critical review of your existing marketing material.

In short, the audio CDs teach you the WHY of the Power Marketing Program and the LIVE Seminar teaches you the HOW of the Power Marketing Program.





What's different about how you do things?

We think different and we think powerfully. We don't aim just to get you a few more customers or to make a few more sales. Our philosophy is that you will get complete market domination in around 12 months. That's why we only work with one company in any industry locally. We're definitely not for everyone. Because that's our policy.

We focus on innovating your business to create powerful USPs. We then create marketing messages based on those USPs and we build you a comprehensive system that enables you to go out and dominate your market, because you are the best at what you do in your industry.

Rather than read through loads of text extolling our uniqueness, why not take us up on our offer to borrow a copy of our total dominance audio set?  We'll give you seven days to listen to it. It's only 2.5 hours long so you can easily do it on a 20 minute commute, in just a few days. Listening to it in the car is a great way to absorb what you hear because there are no distractions.

Use our contact page to request a copy.

What are the biggest marketing mistakes business owners make?

We could write several books on this topic and already have, in fact.

There are a number of mistakes that business owners make. They use platitudes and fragmented marketing and these are a result of a misunderstanding about what marketing really is. Marketing isn't about selling, per se. Rather it's about increasing the confidence of your customers and prospects in you, to the point that selling becomes superfluous. You are perceived as the best provider of the solution or product you sell. Doing business with you simply makes the most sense, for those that want to buy that item or service.

Using platitudes creates "me too" marketing, and you become a commodity. Commodities are traded based on a dollar value and because everyone else in your industry is doing the same, it turns into a price war. A race to the bottom between businesses competing on the same things. This is why we only rarely deal with retail business owners. They are in the stack it high, sell it cheap, commodity business.

Of all the things businesses do wrong, I'd say it's not taking the time to REALLY understand what their customers want. If they did they wouldn't be constantly trying new adverts and new campaigns, placed in new types of media.

I'm not saying you shouldn't do tests on sales copy to improve conversion, but that's not what you see happen. Instead, you get businesses doing all sorts of weird promotions that make no sense and that have no connection to the product or service being sold.

Check out ads on TV, radio, the local rag or in Yellow pages to see what I mean.

Why should I work with you?

The major reason is that we will only work with you. Many other agencies are also pimping out content for your competitors. We don't agree with that. You can't run with the fox and hunt with the hounds.
There are many other reasons that are best answered on our audio program. It has detailed case studies and examples of how we are different and WHY you should be too, if you want the success you deserve.

What should you be aware of when choosing a marketing agency?

Things to avoid like the plague when choosing a marketing agency to work with, include...

  • Agencies that work with your competitors. It's a really big ethical no no for us. Imagine the coach for your favourite sports team also showing their opponents what to do, giving away your game plans and all your strategies. They'll tell you there's no conflict of interest there, but we're not so sure. We only work with one business in any industry locally because it's the ethical thing to do and we want to be able to look you in the eye when we say we are looking after your best interests.
  • Agencies that push a single type of media at you. These people usually don't have a broad understanding of what marketing really is.  Marketing is not PPC, Google ads, SEO, Social media or radio or TV. These are all just communication mediums that you use to convey your message to your target audience.
    I don't know if you are aware of the fact that marketing agencies make around 15% margin on media buys so exercise caution around anyone that says "You just need a bit more exposure." They're getting a free cut of your marketing dollar.
  • Agencies that ask you to provide the content for your marketing materials. This is a strong hint that they are either unwilling or unable to write content for you. We take all our clients through our proprietary discovery process to uncover the things about your business that are important and relevant to your clients and prospects. We then craft what we learn into your strategic marketing message. Every thing we produce is tailor made for your business and ONLY your business.
  • Agencies that talk about getting the sale to the exclusion of all else. Sure you need to make sales to make money but it should be part of your overall strategy to dominate your industry.
  • Anyone that promises you overnight success, fame and fortunes. Business is a tough game so if you believe that some new fangled internet tactic will let you win, then bear in mind that everyone else will do the same, pretty soon. Bang, there goes your advantage. We find it takes around 90 days for what we implement to get traction.
Why will you only work with one company in any industry locally?

There are several reasons we only work with one company in any industry locally. For us it's mostly about integrity. We want to be able to sit with you and feel comfortable because we are working with you, and only you. What we do is a huge investment of time and resources. Both, yours and ours. so why would we dilute the effects of our work.

Our reputation is built on the results that we get for you. So we're going to make sure that our care and attention is fully focused on you.

What services do you provide?

We provide a full suite of marketing services. We consult with you to ascertain your goals and then we work with you to create a strategy to achieve them. We will then devise the tactics you'll need to implement that strategy. We can produce all of the material and systems to make it work.   Everything from video, audio, print materials, web based and social media as well as SEO and Automated Follow Up systems.

We also write and produce all of the content for your marketing, for every media to ensure maximum results.  

For more information see our catalogue of services

Where and when when will your next marketing seminars be held?

We are still planning our events for 2017-2018. If you go to our page entitled Upcoming seminars, you'll find the information on the locations we are planning to visit. To be kept informed send us a message via the contact form on that page and we'll let you know when we're in your area.