Subject: Mike Noone, 3 Forbidden Phrases in Marketing Hello {firstname} – This is Mike from Tipping Point Marketing.  I just wanted to get some feedback from you regarding the special report I dropped off at your office 2 days ago.  It was the “Marketing Secrets Revealed” report with the big keyhole in a brick wall on the front cover.  The report discusses the 3 Forbidden Phrases—phrases that virtually everybody on the planet uses in their advertising and phrases that I guarantee will cause dismal advertising results. TEST YOUR OWN ADS: Go ahead and test your own ads so you can determine if you really can get better results from your ads by just changing the content. We’ve prepared a video with some evaluations that you can take on the spot.  Click here to watch the video and test your own ads: P.S. Did you get a chance to read the special report? Now. The purpose of the video linked from this email is to deepen customers understanding of the problems they face by using platitudes in their marketing. Namely…

  • Your customers cannot tell you apart from your competitors so the only thing they can differentiate you with is your price.
  • Because you look like your competition your customers see you as a commodity. Once again price is the only way to differentiate you. It becomes a race to the bottom.
  • Commodities can be undercut through things like automation, innovation or just cheap labour in places like Asia. Websites are a classic example. You’ll learn more on this as you go through this series.

The thing to bear in mind is that marketing is the message. Not the media.