AUTORESPONDER 6 – Email (13 days later after subscribed)

Subject: Mike Noone, New Audio Training Program

Hello {firstname} –

We have a $199 audio training program that I’d like to loan to you, but there is a catch.  The catch is this—I’ll loan you our audio training program and let you listen to it for free if you agree to actually listen to them.

That’s it.

I am 100% confident that this audio training program will completely change the way you look at marketing and advertising.  I can also guarantee you’ve never heard anything like it, because it’s all proprietary information created by our company.  The 3 CD audio set gives you an overview of the Power Marketing Program which we have successfully used to help local businesses become the number one company in their industry in about one year.    These are not gimmicks, trickery, or scams—it’s all real-life, legitimate, marketing strategies and techniques that are super OBVIOUS once you see them, but nobody (including you or your competitors) are using them right now.

If you find that hard to believe, then go ahead and listen to the CDs and then you be the judge.

Will you be available tomorrow for me to drop them off to you?

Mike Noone,
Tipping Point Marketing Consultants
022 653 9410 

Hopefully you have noticed there has been no request for money or a sale. Only a number of offers to enhance the ability of the prospect to make an informed decision. If you do the same with your clients and prospects they will have greater faith in your ability to be the best possible answer to their problem or getting what they want.

Fair warning: This isn’t as straight forward as you think. it also requires you to do a lot of work. I am thinking about running a 1 day seminar on HOW you can do this. If this fits in with your ambitions then please email me and register your interest. The cost will be around $350 and will include a work book, morning and afternoon refreshments plus follow up support.

This isn’t available anywhere else in New Zealand or Asia Pacific region. And as we say. You’d better keep your fingers crossed that your competitors don’t get to us first.

I wish you much success with your business and your life.

Mike Noone,
CEO and founder,
Tipping Point Marketing

PS: Life rewards action takers. email me now while it’s fresh in your mind and before the next shiney object steals your attention.