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Subject: Mike Noone. Where should I send this FREE Video Report?

Hello [firstname} –

I was reviewing this new SPECIAL REPORT that we printed and I thought of you.  It’s titled “10 Essential Rules to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Videos.”  Whether you’ve ever used marketing videos in your company before or not, you will find this report invaluable.  It’s all original content and it covers things like:

•        The single most valuable element of video production (it’s not what you think)

•        How to dominate search engine results using video.

•        Why you should never use YouTube to host your videos on your website

•        A lot more I’d love to send you a copy of it. What address should I send it to?

Mike Noone,
Tipping Point Marketing Consultants
022 653 9410

P.S. If you’d like instant access to the report in PDF format, just click here: 10-Essential-Rules-Print-Quality.pdf

PPS: You could also put in an image of the report here that is hyperlinked to the document/ video/ audio or whatever you’re giving away