95% of all businesses go BUST in 5 years or less due to not having enough customers …and not making enough profit…

 If Your Marketing Investment Isn’t Working Hard Enough

To Get Customers And Money For You…


Or Your Return Is Less Than You Want …

there is a reason for that

… You MUST fix the fundamental, underlying causes of the problem  
or risk becoming a statistic on the list of business failures !!!

Until you fix these errors you are condemned to struggle harder and make less money than you want or deserve while having less time for you and your loved ones. Worst of all… you won’t ever know why. 

There are several fatal flaws built into how you market or promote your business, that are decimating your growth potential and profits. 

And I can prove it.

The first flaw has to do with the development of TV advertising in the 1950s and 1960s.


When TV was first introduced in the USA there were just 3 channels that served around 280 million people. Someone worked out that it would be a great medium for advertising. And it was cheap. Around $4,000 per minute to reach a huge population that was glued to their screens every night.


As supply and demand factors kicked in, prices rose and ads got shorter. In fact adverts got shortened from 2 minutes to less than 15 seconds in some cases. This meant that businesses had less time to educate customers on why they should choose them from all the players in their industry.


With less time, advertising agencies now had to rely on slogans and funny sexy images, cute kids and animals, clever or outrageous ads to capture the attention of viewers. TV advertising messages became catch phrases and jingles, because there simply wasn’t enough time.

And now everyone thinks this is how you do marketing and advertising and they even teach it at colleges and universities.


This has inevitably led to advertisers using platitudes which make your company look the same as everyone else in your industry.


Platitudes are words or phrases that are dull, obvious, or predictable that lack power to create interest because they are overused and unoriginal, that are nevertheless still commonly used as though they were unique or distinctive.


They are words and phrases like

  • Highest Quality
  • Best Service
  • Largest Selection
  • Gets the job done right the first time
  • 30 years of experience
  • Honest
  • Hard Working
  • You’ve tried the rest now try the best
  • Number One
  • Your Dealer of Choice
  • State-of-the-art


If you don’t believe me, have a look at your industry in Yellow Pages or on Google.

Because your ads make you look the same as everyone else in your industry, your potential customers THINK you are the same as everyone else and only differentiate between you, based on price. Even if you have the best business of it’s kind in your local area…


Ever wondered why every call from a prospect contains that dreaded question:


“How much do you charge?”


You Have To Fix That…

… Before Your Competitors Do !!

Because the first business to solve this issue, basically wins…

The Tipping Point Live Workshop Seminar is the ultimate marketing opportunity for business owners, marketing directors, and C-Level executives. The information learned is so effective and valuable that we only allow one business per industry to attend any given seminar.


Real Testimonials from Previous Tipping Point Live Workshop Seminars:


  • “The seminar was amazing. It was easily worth twice what you normally charge for it.” – Brett
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  • “Stand out by stepping into your customers shoes. The best advice is not free” – Jamie
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  • “We really learned a lot from the seminar.” – Seth
  • “Everything you said made sense and I can’t wait to implement it.” – George
  • “That was amazing stuff. I’m so thankful I came.” – David


At the Seminar, you will learn the details of the proprietary Power Marketing Program


  • Discover the 3 forbidden phrases you should never use in your marketing because they make your message dull and makes your business look the same as your competitors.
    (We are so confident that you have this content in your current marketing that if you can pass our 3 tests we’ll pay you $100.00 cash on the spot…)
  • Learn 4 innovation techniques to differentiate your business in the market. You Will Innovate Your Business on The Spot
  • Learn how to write Ads That Get Up To 10 Times More Response
  • You’ll learn 3 powerful methods for writing effective headlines
  • Learn powerful internet strategies for increasing LOCAL sales right now!
  • Get our vault of headlines to model for your business. Headlines are the ad for your advert. If they don’t get read, nothing else does either
  • We will give you a proven follow up script to model, that transformed the results of a business in an unusual industry with very cynical customers… until they did business with this company


Bonus: Get results in advance…


Listen to our audio training before you decide. You’ll discover the biggest marketing mistakes 95% of all businesses make in 2 ½ hours of transformational marketing, training. Guaranteed to open your eyes to where you are leaving money on the table. Contains 10 case studies for you to learn from and execute in your business.

I’d strongly recommend you grab this while you can. It will make a profound difference in the way you think about and approach marketing your business…

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The Tipping Point Live Workshop Seminar Guarantee


If you attend the Tipping Point 4-Hour Live Workshop Seminar and don’t believe you learned anything valuable for your business, simply tell the presenter at the end of the seminar, hand in your workbook and any bonuses and you will receive a full refund for the price you paid for the seminar.


Apply for your place now. We can only work with ONE business in any industry in your local market so don’t let your competitors beat you to it.


Where: Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, Daly Street, Lower Hutt

 When: Tuesday 13th of March, 2018.   08:00 am –  12:30 pm

 Your trainer: Mike Noone, New Zealand’s only trained and certified Power Marketing Consultant.

Standard tickets $149.

 $99 Early bird extended until 5 pm Tuesday 6th March, 2018 because our advertising was delayed.

Places are strictly limited so you get the attention you deserve, want and need. This is a hands on, “done with you”, seminar where I will personally guide you through what you need to know and do to get the results you want.


Platitudes are just one of 5 major issues that are stunting the growth of your business.

Just like having a packet of smokes behind the school bike sheds every day, they’re simply not healthy and guarantee you’re not going to live long or prosper.

There are others you will learn about on the day, including…. Fragmented marketing, Automated follow up, what makes customers buy and what turns them off and much much more…To get the details you’ll need to attend the workshop seminar.


More importantly, you’ll get our internal diagnostic tools so you can test your new campaigns BEFORE you spend a single cent on advertising.


Register here for your breakthrough seminar https://marketingseminars.co/register-4-hour-seminar/


PS: Attendees will receive bonus material valued at $999.00 that will further enable you to lead your market, make a bigger impact and claim premium rates for your products and services. It covers strategic thinking, web strategy, hot buttons and innovations and how to put it all together so you and your customers win..

PPS: This bonus material has only ever been shared in New Zealand once before when we spoke at a $1,500 a head, one day seminar at Te Papa …