What I am going to invite you to do is read through this short email and then I’ll give you the psychology behind it.
That way you can apply something similar, in your business. Please pay attention to the message right through this series so you can model it. Feel free to copy anything that you want to. Make lots of notes.

AUTORESPONDER 1 – Email (2 days later after subscribed)

Subject: Mike Noone, 3 Forbidden Phrases in Marketing

Hello {firstname} –

This is Mike from Tipping Point Marketing.  I just wanted to get some feedback from you regarding the special report I dropped off at your office 2 days ago.  It was the “Marketing Secrets Revealed” report with the big keyhole in a brick wall on the front cover.

The report discusses the 3 Forbidden Phrases—phrases that virtually everybody on the planet uses in their advertising and phrases that I guarantee will cause dismal advertising results.

TEST YOUR OWN ADS: Go ahead and test your own ads so you can determine if you really can get better results from your ads by just changing the content.  We’ve prepared a video with some evaluations that you can take on the spot.

Click here to watch the video and test your own ads:  marketingseminars.co/3-forbidden-phrases/

P.S. Did you get a chance to read the special report?

Okay so what’s going on here? Your prospect has been given a powerful marketing report based on their “hot buttons.” Hot buttons are things that are important and relevant to your customers and prospects, right now. (They are: benefits, objections and competition).

The link takes them to a video that reinforces the information you have already given them. This does several things.

A) It increases their confidence in your ability to solve their problem.
B) That moves them further along the buyers time line towards your door.
C) It challenges your prospects to test their view of reality and
D) It enables them to check you out.

(There’s more, but that’s enough for now)

PS: The video that is linked to, is deliberately a bit “ghetto.” We call videos like these, “face made for radio” style. But the appearance and audio are not the most important thing.

What is important is the content of the message. (You’re going to keep hearing me emphasising that).

PPS: In the video after this one you’ll see how a professionally shot video looks, using professional video spokespersons. These are the quality that we produce for our clients.  I’d still encourage you to focus more, on how the message is put together.

Click here to see how we put together the next stage in campaigns.